About Me

Using technology for sensible things has always intrigued me. It’s easy to get carried away with new gadgets and tools without realising any benefit. Hopefully, I won’t do that now I’ve started blogging.

My objectives are several and varied, only time will tell if they are all achieveable. Hopefully, those in the know will help steer me along the way.

Firstly, I’m exploring the work-life balance in my own life, by enjoying computing while discussing the business issues of beer and pubs. Maybe just asking the question will be sufficient to clarify the answer in my own mind. In the process, I’m keeping my literary skills in shape.

Secondly, I do want to attempt to redress the balance of what I see as one-sided reporting on issues surrounding pubs and beer. Often, the view of the independent pub is not considered.

Thirdly, most importantly, I want to be of interest to the interested reader.

Ingredients I’m using for this blog:

Love of the power of the written word.

Passion for real ales and real pubs.

Interest in the views of my readers and regulars.

Curiosity for the use of new technology for old-fashioned objectives.

Mixed, marinated and then savoured.









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